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Minoxidil can increase dermal papilla cells of vascular endothelial growth factor expression. Therefore considered that minoxidil through the above cytokines to stimulate the growth of hair follicles and dermal papilla blood vessel formation and function, which plays an important role in the treatment of hair loss.In 1988, 2 percent minoxidil solution was approved topical treatment of male pattern androgenetic alopecia. 8-50 year-old male patients with mild to moderate top of the hair loss, minoxidil group number of hairs increased after 12 months of treatment, histological proof of the diameter of the hair growth by minoxidil group also increased.A part of body which pays the most vital role in enhancing our beauty and style statement is our hair and the various kinds of different hair styles. Nowadays, due to fast lifestyle, people suffer from intense hair fall and hair breakage and to avoid the hair fall people, try number of techniques and trials so that they can some how increase hair density and apply breaks before reaching the stage of baldness. Hair fall can be due to high chemical usage, water with excessive chlorine content or may be hereditary or eventually increasing age. For that we may use different oils, shampoos, medicines etc but the bald patch which reflects our skin is tough to drape with hair all over again. For that hair transplant surgery is the most preferred, fastest and convenient measure to get the nice, lustrous hair back.Hair transplant is extremely famous and much preferred in Asian countries as well.

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