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Hair flowers are a traditional hair accessory that was used by the traditional women in ancient times. Hair flowers were of a completely different variety and kinds. These flowers were only used as a hair accessory for beatifying women hair.Hair flowers look beautiful and make a woman look prettier. It adds to the beauty of a woman. Especially in south India, we have seen women put flowers in the hair always and every day. They consider this to be good sign. In earlier days the concept of using deodorants and perfumes wasn there. So putting flowers in the hair solved the purpose and fulfilled the aim of smelling nice with hair flowers. Hair flowers enhance a woman beauty no doubt. In India flowers in the wedding covers the whole hair and its barely visible. In India if we go to see, hair flowers have always been there starting from the ancient times.Wigs and hair weave are used daily as an alternative hair styling method that defines how people want their hair to feel and look. Often with the fast paced convenience of wearing these alternatives people seem to loose sight of the fact that proper care should be taken if the quality of the hair should last. People don't seem to think about the fact that one day they may want to wear their own hair again. Maintaining healthy hair should always be taken into consideration no matter what your choice of hair styling methods are.

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