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Bhringraja - it can be called as a blessed herb that is helpful in treating many diseases. It is a wonder herb that has great efficacy in curing any kind of diseases related to hairs. It has the potential to increase the blood circulation to the scalp there by increasing the nutrition intake of the hair root. As the hair roots are properly fed, it enhances the growth of hair. It is also helpful in improving the hair texture. It helps in making your hairs more shiner and full of life. It is also helpful in increasing the length as well as volume of hairs. Margosa it is known as neem. It is one of the most potent herb that has been a benediction to man kind. It is a multipurpose herb that has the power to heal various diseases. It is a wonderful ayurvedic herb that is also very beneficial for treating the various hair related problems.Mix together one cup of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Soak your wig in this mixture and be amazed with the results. The last option that you can take is to brush the wig with baking soda. You must do this after your wig has completely dried up. Just use a small amount of baking soda when you brush the wig. This will help remove the excess shine on your wig. Brush evenly so that your wig's shine will be the same on all parts. Once this is done, your lace wig will surely look very natural and people will be impressed on how real your wig looks like.

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