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Lace wigs come in many variations, be they plain full lace wigs, afull lace remy hair wig, human hair lace front wigs or a silky, kinky or yaki straight lace front human hair wig.But one question we get asked a lot is whether it's worth paying a premium price for the natural hair in a virgin remy lace wig.The answer has to be yes, yes, yes!!!A virgin remy full lace wig or a virgin remi lace front wig will have hair knotted into it that has the following advantages:*Pure & natural*Longer lasting*Colour fast*Ability to take the colour from a dye*ManageabilityThis is because the hair will have been collected carefully - it will have been cut from the donor and kept aligned so that all the roots are at one end and the tips are at the other (this is what is meant by 100% remy human hair).It will also not have had any processing such as stripping the cuticles and adding silicone to keep the hair silky smooth - these soon wash out leaving the hair matted and difficult to style. It will also not have had dyes or chemicals added to alter the appearance of it.Laser hair removal has become a popular choice for removing unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a technique that makes it possible to treat rapidly and in the same session a very large area of the body, for a longer period of time and gradually deteriorating the hair.Electrolysis, while effective, often requires years of ongoing and frequently painful treatments. Electrolysis procedure uses low-level electricity to disable, or render the hair follicles inactive. Some types of skins require specific precautions or use of a specific laser. Current hair removal lasers cannot remove light or white hair. It is imperative to stay away from the sun in the weeks preceding a hair laser removal session, since tan is a contra-indication for the treatment. Laser Facial Hair Removal in women is our number one most popular procedure at Ideal Image. With facial hair removal, the most popular treatments are for chin hair removal and removal of hair on the upper lip. Laser is attracted to dark pigment and therefore works best on pale skin and dark coarse hair. The closer you are to this combination (i.e.

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