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So my guess is that in a few months the sales of hair extensions ideas will be on the rise from all the woman who chopped off all their hair.Super models are able to try many new and different hairstyles from long to short.One other thing to consider is that the time of year and geographical location will make all the difference,for instance if you live in the part of the country where it snows and rains all the time, it may be best to have longer hair to keep your ears warm while outdoors.The very short haircut can work if you have a very pretty or flattering facial features.Simply because you will not be able to hide behind your locks.Most women who choose this style are brave, many are trend setters and they are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Before you pick this style ask yourself how brave you are and if you can handle any criticism.Patients undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment tend also to lose their hair. Although some may have thin hair, most go bald. Chemotherapy is basically treating a disease using chemical medication. It is very common in the treatment of cancers although it can be employed for other diseases involving the cells. The therapy is targeted at killing malignant cells or drastically reducing their rate of division and growth. Hair loss is one of the side effects. All the hairs of the body can be lost as a reaction to the treatment.

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