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Before you are ready to remove your lace unit you must purchase the right tools. You will need adhesive solvent. It is important that you purchase a product that specifically removes the adhesive from lace materials. If you attempt to use a cleaning solvent, it may cause a rash on your own skin and permanently damage the lace. You will also need q-tips or a paintbrush and medical strength isopropyl alcohol.If you do not have the right fitting of your wig, it defeats the whole purpose of buying one in the first place so take care in measuring the size of your head. The next thing you should know, that there are two kinds of lace wigs to choose from. The first is a full lace wig, Full lace wigs are very breathable and comfortable to wear. They can be styled anyway that you like and be parted anywhere on the scalp. The second type of lace wig is a front lace wig. Front face wigs have the lace at the forehead of the wig and are very natural looking and comfortable to wear, but the down side to this type of wig is that it cannot be put into a ponytail. You can also choose the kind of hair that your lace wig is made of. There are two kinds of hair. There is the human hair that is natural and is easier to manage just like your own hair. You can restyle the lace wigs as you do your own hair. Your wig can be dyed, premed and heat treated, however, you must take care of your wig so that it will not be damaged while you are treating it.

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