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The major factors contributing to hair loss in both men and women may be listed as follows:1. Severe stress or shock2. Hormonal imbalance3. Toxicity4. Heredity5. Surgery6. Infection7. High fever8. Crash dieting9. Diet lacking in protein10. Diet lacking in Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, folic acid, biotin.11. Diet lacking in minerals like copper, iron, zinc12. Exposure to radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs13. Intake of birth control pills14. Traumatic injury15. Immune disorder like alopecia areata.16. Bacterial, fungal or herpes infection of scalp.17. Poor blood circulation in scalp18. Over-brushing or combing19. Tight hair styles20. Excessive use of styling chemicals21. Excessive use of heat styling tools22. Ailments like syphilis, thyroid disease, connective tissue disease, typhoid, chronic cold, influenza, anemia, tumors, nervous disorders etc.Home Remedies For Hair Loss1. Boil 4 tablespoons of henna or mehendi in 1 cup mustard oil for about 10-12 minutes. Strain and store. Use this oil for massaging on bald patches daily. This is an effective home remedy for hair loss.2.You will also want to wear a shirt that you don't mind if it gets bleach on it. Last but not least, of course you'll need your Hot Topic Bleach Kit. Typically, a box bleach costs around $10. you might need more than one kit though. There are certain physical consequences to bleaching your hair, foremost of which is severe cortical damage. Breakage, split ends, and frizziness await you and will require constant corrective attention. Also, your hair will lose its ability to hold pigment. Whether you want to add lowlights or try another color entirely, you will enjoy only temporary success. The color will come out over a couple of washings. You will have to wait for your hair to grow back out, in the meantime suffering the embarassment of the reverse-skunk look. Not very appealing.If you've dyed your hair before, you don't have to test it. It will turn blonde if you have dark hair, but it'll take a while, and you should leave it on for about an hour if you want it to lighten significantly. (To get my black hair to blonde, it took me two hours, but you should never leave bleach on for more than an hour.

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