full lace Human hair

Virgin Chinese Hair Extensions Color Chart
2. 6/10 - unfortunately whilst the colour is fast and will hold throughout the lifetime of the wig, the colour consistency, wig to wig, is not great. I can only assume it is because it is low cost and machine made, however having ordered the same stock colour three times now, the consistency between them has not been great! One was far more heavily red, one was more golden and the final one was a delicious blend of all three. Now to me, this point doesn't worry me because I know the three tones suit me and I'm not too worried about changing my hair regularly, but if this is your daily wear wig and you switch between two wigs whilst on wash rotation, you might well be disappointed.All the product comes from a single donor with all the cuticles in the similar direction so as to avoid tangling or matting. The Remy human hair weave that is offered here is 100% pure human virgin hair and has no artificial or non human blended in. The product are carefully selected and it is wefted with machine and each piece undergo quality check and inspection.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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