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Virgin Color Remy Malaysian Hair
Many people are confused with the difference between remy and virgin hair. You will see a lot of these lace wigs labeled as virgin or remy, but do you really know what type of hair it is The description is in the name itself. Virgin hair is unprocessed or untouched hair straight from a donor's head. This hair has never been colored or steamed in any way, completely natural. Remy hair on the other hand, is a cutically aligned hair which could be processed, in one way or another. Each hair cuticle is aligned in one uniform way, which lessens the tangling of these hairs. A Remy hair could have color or be treated to achieve a certain style.Part the hair horizontally, just above the ear of the client and pin the rest of the hair on top of her head. Comb the rest of the hair below the pile until it is smooth. Spray the base of the hair with a bit of hair spray to control flyaway and make it easier to hold the hair. Take a few strands of hair a few centimeters behind the left temple and attach the three strands of silk threads as close to the roots as possible. Hold the strands of hair with your left hand and place this between the first and second threads. Start weaving by putting the strands over the second thread, then over the third thread. Bring the strand over thread three, under thread two and under thread one. Push the threads as close to the roots as you can get without causing pain to the scalp. Repeat the process one more time so you can advance towards the rest of the hair.

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