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You call it wig, we call it du, this is what love your du say to its customers. Wigs or Du are worn for various reasons, be it cosmetic, prosthetic or just for convenience. A wig is actually a head of 'hair' designed from human hair, yak hair, wool feathers, horsehair, synthetic materials and so on. They are worn over the head either for fashion or for other stylistic and aesthetic reasons that includes religious and cultural observance. Some people wear this wig in order to disguise the truth that they are bald. Wig can be used as a less expensive and less invasive alternative to therapies for bringing back your hair. It is always recommended to users that they buy High Quality Wigs.Selecting high quality wigs is a very important thing that you must take into consideration before purchasing.This treatment uses polymers and proteins to help repair the hair follicles. The process consists of heating the oil and applying it to the scalp and hair, then covering the head with a plastic cap to allow the oil to soak in. Hot oil treatments can help to heal breakage and will cause the hair to be stronger and shinier.One very damaging product that is commonly used is relaxers. Most relaxers contain lye, which is also used in products like Drano to break down hair in hair clogged pipes. If this type of product was left on the hair too long, it would eat right through the hair and it would fall out in clumps. Even no-lye relaxers can contain calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate to produce guanidine hydroxide, which is caustic enough to clean sinks with like lye. These caustic products can cause the loss of hair and if continued long enough could cause permanent hair loss.

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