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Laser hair therapy can be an external, noninvasive hair loss treatmentFor men showing signs of male pattern baldness who are not ready to consider a hair replacement system (see below), laser therapy is a safe, effective and viable option. Laser hair therapy treatments stimulate shrinking hair follicles to help them widen, repair and regain the ability to grow. Men who use laser hair therapy during the early phases of hair thinning will experience the best results because once follicles are dead, they cannot be stimulated to grow again. Laser hair therapy need not be accompanied by hair loss medications, such as minoxidil or finasteride, although many patients claim a synergistic effect from combining either with laser hair therapy.Laser hair therapy can be a do-it-yourself, at-home treatment, or it can be administered by a hair loss treatment specialist through various strength levels of light diode exposure and time increments. Typically, laser hair therapy is administered three times per week, and sticking to a regular treatment schedule is essential to hair growth success.It is only since the rise of the pharmaceutical industry that the use of urine as a general medicine has ceased, well in the West, it is still highly prized in the Far East. Nothing to do with the fact that pharmaceutical companies can't make a profit from it no doubt.I've had personal experience with its amazing properties. As a child I had eczema, my skin was always cracked and dry, as I grow older and changed my diet I grow out of it, except for a bad patch on my right elbow. No cream or ointment could cure this patch, it would often bleed, especially when I was asleep. The I saw a children's TV series, on a particular episode was a Dutchman called Coen Van Der Kroon who had wrote a book called 'Golden Fountain : The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy', I was so intrigued I tried the treatment. I put urine on my elbow 3/4 times a day, always washing my hands afterwards of course. After about two weeks, the eczema had disappeared and my skin completely re-generated and I've not had any problems since. Every so often I also use it on my skin, although 49 years old, I've skin like a young child.

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