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MeMi: We use things that will keep our clients hair at its healthiest. We use Joico because of the protein that is infused in the system. If your hair is not healthy there is no hairstyle that will make your hair look good. We get your information and put into our system for future references. You are then brought to the back where we begin our consultation as to what services you require. We ask you what you have used in your hair, if there are any chemical treatments, breakage, etc. Your stylist will ask you what you want to do with your hair and together you and your stylist will come up with a plan as to how you can get your hair to the point in which you want it. We have a good synergy and are open to finding stylist that can continue that feel. All of our stylists are well versed in everything cut, style, and color. However, we do have stylist that do have special areas. Brenda is well versed in natural hair such as locs, and twists; Jamie, our master stylist, specializes in lace fronts and extensions. Everyone does the same level of work.In addition, the Noriko Wigs Collection features colors ranging from their traditional natural airbrush colors and their Gradient colors with a unique fiber technology featuring multi-tones on a single strand that adds natural looking depth and body for a distinct and current look, to their Hybrant Shade colors with highlights and Hybrant Root colors which offer softly shadowed roots with Hyrbrant shade colors. If you decide to purchase a Noriko wig online, it is recommended to purchase a Rene of Paris color ring to get a better sense of the color you want. Wigs color swatches can look far different on your computer monitor, than when you see the actual wig. Deciding on a color can be made less difficult when color rings are utilized.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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