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In my own personal view and many others, stress can be a contributing factor behind hair loss, this can also be said for other many other illness we face in our lifetimes. Stress appears to be a product of modern day life, however it did exist in the past, but it would of never of had the same kind of coverage it does today due to the media age we now live in. Today's society especially in the west is so fast it is sometime hard to keep up and maybe thats why Caucasians suffer from hair loss more than other races. Our lifestyles seem to run at a furious and hectic pace and this even comes down to the way we eat food as more and more of us consume rubbish fast food at an alarming rate. Have any of you considered taking your full lunch time at work I can tell you now that myself and the people I work with don't take there full lunch breaks and most of the time you have consumed your food within 20 minutes and you are straight back to your desk staring at your PC monitor!If you love wearing wigs, it is a good thing to note that there are different types of wigs available for just about any purpose you can think about. You should therefore make a selection depending not only on your personality but what function you are thinking about as well. One very important consideration you must not forget when looking for a wig is to do with the cost; there are basically wigs that are to be found for those who have enough money to spend as well as those who are on a budget as well. Human hair wigs appear to be the most costly ones but you can also find very good synthetic ones at very reasonable prices. Whatever purpose you have in mind can simply be enhanced by wearing a custom made wig that will make a difference.

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