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Step By Step OmbreTape down your plastic wrap or aluminum foil on your work surface. I don't want it to be a perfect line I want there to be a gradient so I use a technique where it is being feathered in to the bottom half of the blonde so that may be the coverage on the lower half of the brown is not so perfect. You don't want it to be perfect or there will be a line of demarcation. You move onto the next color. So now the top half, where the clips are of the hair extensions should still be blonde. There should be an overlap of the black and brown dye. That's really good because that's what the gradient effect is. There should be overlap between the dyes you're doing it right. You will then want to rent out in the sink with cold water. You can also do this in your top but whichever is more comfortable for you. Do not rub them dry. You should not even rub your own hair dry. That leads to permanent frizz. You can then flat iron them or style them however you would like. Remember you do not want to wash extensions as much as you wash your own hair. You don't want to constantly expose them to heat if you don't have to.The hair on the top of my hair is curly. It grew back thick. I don't know what color it is yet. It takes time for your DNA to start working correctly after chemotherapy. I may be stuck with mostly gray and a little brown. Big Nurse had clear hair when I met her 3 months after her chemo. A year later it is luxurious dark brown. My blond friend had her hair return black. There is no telling what color you will get. My hair returned to my natural light brown after a couple of years.

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