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But what exactly is follicular unit extraction And is it really more effective and beneficial than older methods of hair transplantationFollicular unit extraction involves the removal of small groups of hair follicles (usually between one and four) from the donor site and their reinsertion into the receptor site. These small grafts allow for equal distribution of hair in the balding area of the scalp and produce more natural-looking results. In fact, once the receptor site has completely healed, it is virtually impossible to detect that any sort of hair transplant procedure has taken place.The differences between FUE and the older methods of transplantation are noteworthy.Firstly, the FUE procedure is quicker and less painful than any other hair restoration technique. FUE is performed with a punch-like scalpel that cuts the skin around the follicle. This facilitates the removal of about one to four follicles from the donor area at the same time.Are you unhappy with your hairstyle Do you want to get trendy look If yes, you can visit a reputed salon. There are many beauty parlors and salons available around the world that specializes in offering excellent beauty treatment and services to their customers in order to enhance their beauty and confidence as well. Usually, women spend hours trying to fix their hair a certain way. They wash their hair, put on conditioner, gel, sprays and other hair products in order to get the desired look.

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