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(A:) It's better to invest in a good quality human hair lace wig, than to go to salons repeatedly and spend $75 & up (sometimes $300+) on full & partial weaves or $120 & up on braids. On average weaves last about 2 weeks before they start to look worn and braids about 1-2 months. So do the math... just think of how much you really spend yearly on a weaves/braids only to throw the hair in the garbage. Plus, weaves and braids can do damage to your hair over time (damage to your hairline, thinning out your hair). A good quality lace wig will run you $$400 & up depending on the length (you don't want to spend less than that to be on the safe side.)Though they aren't typically used as an Alopecia treatment, Bill learned all about hair extensions that could be applied to existing hair to cover the bald patches since they weren't more than two inches wide. He thought Betty might be a good candidate for this type of nonsurgical hair replacement since the rest of her hair that was not falling out seemed to be stable and was still thick and healthy, not frizzy and thinning as some other Alopecia Areata sufferers were. There was also a hair system called a "Reprieve" which used her existing hair mixed with 100% virgin human hair to cover the patches. After looking at all the wig websites he was sure that depending on how much money you spent that you could have a wig made to mimic your exact hair and style from before the hair loss occurred.

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