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Wave Remy Hair Weaving
Virgin Brazilian Hair is 100% unprocessed hair that is collected in one cut from a single donor. The hair is tied in a ponytail before the cut and a full head gives 3 bundles of hair. When the hair is cut, the raw hair products is kept strictly in its tie throughout the steps to its end customer. The hair is carefully cleaned, brushed and sometime steamed to achieve a certain texture.But those who have not seen you for ages won't guess at your secret.Hair extensions add extra body to short hair and fill it out to an amazing degree. Just remember, they are not permanent and you will need to get them either removed or redone in about eight weeks. It's rather like going to the salon on a regular basis with your own hair.Not sure what to choose Check out the various options and talk to the stylist about what would best suit you. There are several routes you can go - human hair extensions, clip-ins, synthetic and wefted hair extensions. Choosing which kind of hair extensions to use is mostly based on what you want to achieve in terms of looks. If you want to go rock and roll wild, then opt for different colored extensions (like purple or hot pink). If you're into something a touch more subtle, then you'd probably want a contrasting color, but one that complements your natural color.Here's something else to think about! If you see a hairstyle on the bus or while downtown shopping, now you can duplicate it with hair extensions.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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