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Among the numerous extensions available, which feather is best suited for you is another important aspect which needs to be decided. There are natural extensions made from feathers of Rooster, Ostrich etc. There are also feather hair extensions made from fur and even from human hair. Recently synthetic feathers have also entered the market. They are available in various sizes, colors and designs. Stand before the mirror and try some of the extensions on your hair. Then match them with the color of your dress you are planning to wear. If need be, consult your beautician. If you have gone to the salon with your friend, take their opinion as well.Furthermore, it might take some time before the hair follicles can heal and begin to grow new hair. During this transition period proper healing is necessary in order for the follicles to adjust to their new placement. In fact, you can expect some shedding from the hair follicles going into shock and adjusting to their new placement. Unfortunately, this procedure does not promote new growth, nor does it prevent further hair loss. Therefore, it is best to wait until there is a definite pattern of hair loss before looking into a hair transplant because it is possible to continue to lose hair after surgery. As with any surgery, there are some side effects that you can expect from this type of surgery. Swelling and scabbing are some of the most common side effects, which will typically subside as healing progresses. Some patients have also complained of extreme itching, which can lead to scabbing if not treated correctly. Many times, the doctor will prescribe medicated hair products such as shampoo, cream, or lotions to aid in healing the affected areas.

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