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Everybody wants healthier & better-looking hair. But, sometimes we get a bad hair day with dull & lifeless hair. This could be because of water we use to wash our hair.So, what is the relation between water & hair Presence of minerals like calcium, magnesium makes water hard or soft. When we wash our hair, these minerals are absorbed into the hair and change the look & feel of hair. So, type of water used for hair wash can have a powerful effect on hair & scalp. Amount of minerals absorbed by the hair depends on acidity & hardness of the water.What is hard water Rainwater is naturally soft & mineral free. When it falls on the ground, it seeps through the soil and rocks & picks up the minerals & become hard water. The degree of hardness increases as mineral content increases.Higher the hardness or ph level of water, the greater is the absorption of minerals in the hair. These characteristics of water can determine the amount of dye that is absorbed into the hair, how your shampoo and conditioning will work on your hair, look & feel of hair after drying. A study published in 'Sci Total Environ.In most cases, you can swim with it on and the wind should not be able to dislodge it!Care InstructionsMost wigs will last a whole year under the proper care. If you wig does not come with care guidelines, it is not likely a good investment. Before you purchase, ask if it comes with accessories, an adhesive care kit, styling suggestions, and washing instructions. Quality adhesives come in liquid form, not as a tape. Beware of ScamsThere are currently no U.S. manufacturers of lace front wigs. You can't buy an Indian Remy hair wig that is made in China and custom-made wigs cannot possibly be 'in-stock'. Ask for references and determine if your product is authentic by asking good questions.Make Sure the Payment Options are TraceableYou need to determine if the product you are buying is authentic and be able to return it if you are not satisfied. Make sure you can use Paypal or a major credit to pay for your purchase as these methods are traceable and provide assistance to track your purchase.There are a great many on-line wig distributors. Many people are too embarrassed or too ill to try on wigs or order in person.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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