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I. Title:- Hair Loss Due To Therapies.II. Chemotherapy:- It is the use of drugs to reduce or stop the abnormal growth of cancer cells. These drugs work by disturbing the growth and division of cancer cells but in the process can also cause temporary damage to some normal cells especially those which rapidly divide such as in the hair follicles.Growth of the hair takes place in the hair follicles or roots. New hair cells form by division of cells in the follicle. The hair cells are joined together in long chains. Growth in the hair follicle follows a cyclical pattern.Hair loss will not only be from the scalp but can also occur from the eyebrows and eyelashes, and the moustache and beard areas in men. Body hair from the armpits, chest and pubic areas may be lost as well.Chemotherapy causes the hair to break off at or near the scalp. Shortly before the hair falls out you might experience some scalp irritation, discomfort or itchiness. It is most common for hair loss to start about 3-4 weeks after treatment has started.III. Radiotherapy:- It is the use of high energy X-rays to stop cancer cells from growing and multiplying.Tip 1-washing and conditioning is a necessary condition, as well as the most important aspect of lace front wigs maintenance. Wash your lace front unit from time to time, especially after detaching. Make sure you use the right products - shampoos and conditioners created only for wigs.Tip 2-Hydrate regularly curly wig with high quality wig moisturizers. In addition, a small amount of glycerin and water as well. When the brushing of the hair after the conditioning is a large tooth comb. Moisturize your hair wig special should be a daily practice - that contribute significantly to keep tangle free at all times. Good quality hair moisturizers also work to enhance the brilliance of your hair lace front wig. In general, the most essential thing you need to do when it comes to maintenance lace front wavy / curly wigs is to prevent tangling. One of the best moisturizers we found is the miracle product because it is also a conditioner. See the photo below and click on the photo for more information.The main advantage lisa ray glueless lace wig is the fact that the hair can not mat or tangle thanks to the alignment of natural root.

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