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Without adequate protein, the cells in your body don't work efficiently and can't make new hair to replace old hair that's been shed.- Maintain iron levels - Since iron-deficiency anemia can also cause hair loss, make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet that includes a daily serving or two of iron-rich foods. Good sources of iron include lean red meat, steamed clams, cream of wheat, dried fruit, soybeans, tofu, and broccoli.- Take Vitamin B6 - 100 milligrams a day decreases hair-shedding in some people. Larger amounts can be toxic, especially over a prolonged time. IF you prefer a hair, nail, and skin supplement, select a product that includes nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E - they will protect skin, hair, and nails from free radicals. Beta-carotene is converted in the body to vitamin A, an essential vitamin for maintaining the health of skin and hair. Vitamin C, Zinc, and L-Cysteine support the integrity of hair, skin, and nails.Remember, you can wash your hair as often as you like - the recommendation is three times per week.If you want to dramatically change the colour of your hair or just sections of it but are scared of the results; what if it goes wrong? What if the colour doesn't take over your natural colour? Or what if you don't like it? Well extensions are the perfect way to solve these worries as they give you the change you want without having to do anything to your actual hair and if the colour doesn't suit you then the extensions can simply be removed. So whether you want hi-lights or lo-lights, hair extensions could work for you. Hair extensions are not only used to change your look. They may be the answer to problems that are out of your control such as hair thinning and other hair/scalp conditions. In this case hair extensions can be used to disguise the problem and give the wearer added confidence about their looks. There are several ways in which hair extensions can be applied, depending on the type of hair extensions you want, your hair condition and the amount of money you have to spend.

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