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It's likewise not proposed to shade them as extensions have already handed by means of various chemical methods and coloring will spoil them. You'll really feel them slackening off in a couple of weeks which is really a signal that the genuine hair has started to develop and might need you to determine your stylist.Use a gentle shampoo and do it every single two or three days. Wash the scalp well and use a hardwearing conditioner given that wigs don't get the oil made by the scalp.The Clip-on MethodThis is not pricey and will be the least complicated of all of them but is recognizable as it's tough to look for one which will match your genuine hair color. Summer typically can make your hair shade to lighten and people that were colored chemically only stays for about 4-6 weeks. You are able to decide to have this but maintain a minimum of 2 or 3 items with distinctive hues.In the event you opt to possess your extension carried out inside a salon, get a skilled to complete the clip-on for suggestions on the correct shade as well as to what's going to match the texture of your hair.Step 2: Divide the hair into a number of small sections and use bobby clips to keep them separate. Now, take one section at a time to make the curls. Place one end of the fabric strip near the hair roots and roll up the small section of hair around the other end of the strip to create an 'o' shape. While doing so, make sure that the hair end remains inside the rag. Wrap the hair so tightly that the strip does not come out and the hair looks like a sausage. After rolling up the entire section of the hair, secure it at the scalp with the help of a rubber band. Follow the same technique to curl up the remaining sections of the hair.

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