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Although its a job suitable for both males and females, many wig-makers tend to be women working conventional hours in factory-type conditions (although this largely depends on the manufacturer, and some may be more homely than others). And, although the general work load consists of making only several kinds of wig, there is often great variety within those parameters, with some orders being for afro wigs (which are made using a special "heated cupboard" that turns the hair frizzy).Do not use rubber bands on your hair instead you can use coated hair bands. While drying your hair you should try to avoid rubbing instead you can pat your hair. Stop using hot rollers and curling irons. Trim split ends from your hair.6. Take an empty container and pour some beer in it. Now add small amount of hair oil in it and mix well. After you shampoo your hair use this mixture to rinse your hair. Wait for five minutes and then wash with warm water.7. Do not use harsh strokes while you are combing your hair. While using a shampoo use finger tips to massage your scalp.8. Consume foods such as yogurt, lettuce, limes, soy, nuts, carrots, alfalfa, spinach and milk. These foods are good for your hair. Drink lots of water to keep your hair glossy and shiny.9. Take one-half cup each of wheat germ oil and sunflower oil. Mix them together with one tablespoon of honey.

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