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The creativity and style found in his previous wig collections shine through with his newest collection as well. Alan Eaton Envy wigs are available in short contemporary hairstyles. You will find wedge styles with razor cut edges, layered shag styles that allow you to either fluff it up for a spiky look or smooth is down for a less cutting edge appearance, sophisticated boy-cut with textured layers, and smooth chin length bob styles. Women seeking medium length products have a number of softly layered looks, some featuring slightly flipped up ends and face framing bangs, others with updated pageboy styles. For those wanting long length pieces, Alan Eaton offers luscious glamorous waves and curls, or smooth, sleek layering throughout with razor like edges for a more contemporary look. The variety found in the collection does not stop with the styles and lengths of the wig. There are 25 different Envy Wig colors available. See the individual product pages to see the available color swatches for that particular product.Bumble & Bumble are one of Estee Lauder's twenty-seven companies that originally started as a New York Salon in 1977 and went on to become a name in hair care products. Hair care has always been an area of much interest for salon owners and customers alike and experimenting with the mane has generated a widespread interest in revolutionary hair care products and beauty regimes. Hair is what each of us loves to experiment with and it naturally demands a whole lot of pampering to keep growing healthy. Hair abuse has become frequent with new trends encouraging straightening and perming, coloring and highlighting, styling hair through heat application, all of which are bound to have an adverse effect on the natural growth of your hair.Effects of such hair experimentations can lead to damaged and dry hair which can make you look unattractive. Bumble & Bumble can help you take good care of your tresses by launching superior hair care products. In 1990, Bumble & Bumble hair care products hit the market with their first offering, the Brilliantine, and have been catering to the cosmetic industry for the last two decades.

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