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When this is accomplished, you will be able to maintain your elongated curls a lot longer. Your hair will have the look and feel of a curly perm. Products: On the other hand, if you simply want to use hair products like Miss Jessie's Hair Pudding and creams to achieve this result, which stretch out your natural curl, your style will last only for a few days. When you wash your hair, you will be washing the product out, and your elongated curls will kink up and shrink again. After washing, you would have to re-apply the creams and puddings all over again and braid or twist the hair to maintain your style.Availability: It is hard to find reputable salons who perform the silkening procedure. Most of Miss Jessie's salons are in New York.Over time hair will fall out and another hair will start to grow almost instantly. This gradual change of hair loss is something that pretty much goes unnoticed. However, a sudden loss of hair could be a sign that something is wrong. The cause of female hair loss in excess is can't really be figured out too easily due to there being so many factors being involved in causing it.The first thing that you need to realize is that most of the time your hair loss can be stopped and new hair will grow back naturally once the problem is found but occasionally you may need to seek help to assist your hair in growing back. No matter what you have several options and it won't be long until your hair is growing.Doctors do have the resources to determine many of the causes of female hair loss.

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