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Also the costs will vary depending on the hair areas with the largest being the most expensive since it requires more time. Smaller areas will definitely cost less since it's done in just a few minutes.Is Laser Hair Removal SafeLaser hair removal is safe and usually after the treatment is administered, the patient's skin might experience a little redness or pinkness on the targeted hair areas. Eventually, this color will most likely disappear in a few minutes, a few hours and rarely, in a few days.How Does It Feel With Laser Hair RemovalWhen laser travels through the skin, some people feel a small pinch on the skin, some feel it's cool whereas for others, it's like a gentle rubber band snap. If discomfort is felt and you can't tolerate it, mild anesthetics are the solution.Will The Hair Come Back After Laser Hair RemovalHair can be removed from several months to years depending on the individual although some people have experienced permanent hair reduction. For those who haven't, the hair usually comes back in a lighter color.Last week when I met my best friend Lily downtown, I was extremely surprised at her new haircut. As is known to all of our friends, Lily treasured her hair as much as her life. Her hair used to be very long and almost reached her waist, which has drawn lots of attention from young guys at school. Thus, it took me hours to recognize Lily when a girl with a bob haircut called my name.

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