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Maintaining healthy hair is not only an image issue but it is also a health issue. Having nice and strong hair reflects inner health and it is a sign of fertility and youth in many cultures. Having oily hair can be an unpleasant issue for both men and women, but it is only the effect of having an oily scalp skin. Although the cause of oily hair and skin is usually of genetic origin, there can be a number of factors that influence the production of excess sebum (skin oil). Sebum is supposed to protect, nourish and hydrate the skin by delivering antioxidants and antimicrobial nutrients, but when it is produced in excess it can cause problems for your skin and hair. Excess oil on the scalp skin can lead to having very greasy hair that needs constant washing. This leads to a vicious circle and it makes the problem worse in time. The main causes of oily hair are discussed below.1. The skin can be genetically influenced to produce more sebum than it normally should. Most people that have this predisposition will also show signs of oily skin, acne or other more serious conditions like cysts or dermatitis.Learn the Hair Types Used in Manufacturing Hair ExtensionsHair extensions can be created from several types of hair including human hair, synthetic hair or a mixture of both.When selecting hair extensions, you will need to choose from human hair, synthetic hair or a combination of the two. By understanding the benefits of each type of hair, you will be able to pick the right hair extensions for you.Human-hair extensionsWhether you want hair extensions to help disguise hair loss, add volume to thinning hair or just make a fashion statement, most experts recommend hair extensions created from natural human hair. Human-hair extensions can be washed, colored, styled and otherwise treated like your own hair. Of course, since they are made of human hair, these hair extensions look more authentic than synthetic extensions do."We use real 100 percent human hair," says Giovanni Mele, owner of Giovanni & Pileggi salon in Philadelphia. "Most reputable salons use human hair because it looks and feels more realistic and is easier to maintain and care for.

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