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The packs arrived in about one week. I started off with two because I thought if I required more, delivery was certainly quick (enough). I opened up the package and could not believe the softness and thickness of the hair. It was the healthiest human-hair hairpiece or extension I had ever touched. It was from this point forward, I truly believed I had made a very good purchasing decision.The bottom portion should be pulled into a loose ponytail in order to keep it out of the way for the next step.Then, one of the top sections should be brushed toward the middle of the back portion of the head and rolled into a fairly flat and horizontal hair roll. It should be pinned securely and flatly against the scalp. It is generally necessary to add a light gel or a setting lotion to each section of the hair at this point. Otherwise, the hair may be too slippery and will not hold well.The other top section should then also be rolled to the middle and back section of the head. It is important to be sure to slightly overlap the first section that was rolled. The second roll needs to be pinned in a fashion that hides the first roll. The entire area then needs to be sprayed with hairspray in order to keep it in place. A large decorative clip, a flower, or other hair accessory can then be added. Not only is this attractive, it also helps to hide the overlapping hair rolls. For a little more pizzazz, a bit of glitter gel can also be added to the sides or back.

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