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STEP 7 -Tie your hair down with a Doo-Rag. This is very necessary in order to "train" your hair to lay in a thick 360 wave pattern and prevent you from messing up your waves while you sleep. If you don't wear a head covering every night, you are hurting your progress.STEP 8 -Repeat steps 2-8 once a day for 28 Days, shampoo/condition every 7 days. You are guaranteed to have 360 waves!Don't get a haircut for 3 weeks after you start this routine. A lineup is OK, but not a haircut in this first phase. After the first 28 day phase, you should get a haircut every 2 weeks or so. View each hair cut as the next installment of deeper set of 360 waves and never stop training your hair at night with wave cap.One of the keys to the successful positioning of your wig and making sure it stays in the correct place all day regardless of temperature and perspiration is finding the adhesive that suits your skin the best. The last thing you want is for your wig to slip out of place at an inopportune moment. Most people find the best option is especially designed adhesive or alternatively double sided tape. This will hold the wig in place very well however if you don't use the correct type you may run into trouble trying to get it off your scalp before retiring to bed. Additionally it could cause you discomfort with itching and chafing. The lesson here is to ensure you purchase adhesives specifically designed for adhering works and that they are also of a high quality. This way your wig will look great, no one will know the adhesive is there, and you won't run into any mishaps.

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