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The products from simply smooth constitute the blend of keratin extruded from human hair as well as from the botanicals. They have the tendency to penetrate into hair cuticles bettering the shine and the bounce of the hair, naturally. The keratin in simply smooth products acts as a natural hair conditioner while, the vanilla extracts, apple pulp, and vitamins make the hair gentle allowing hair coloring and other treatments such as highlights to be continued in the very same day. Unite hair care products add volume, shine, and moisture to the moisture- ridden hair. The products also are capable of controlling the unruly frizzled hair to turn them into straight- tamed hair. The unite hair root energizer works all the way into the roots of the hair enabling volume throughout the day.Another safe, effective and instant solution for your hair thinning problem is Toppik hair building fibres that give you amazing coverage in only 30 seconds. These fibres are perfect for both men and women who want a quick way to cover up their bald spots. If you think that they are made of synthetic substances, you're totally wrong! Toppik is based on 100% natural, coloured, keratin protein. Just apply the fibres to the areas you need additional coverage and get a fuller, denser appearance without giving away the slightest hint to others about their usage. Once these natural substances get attached to your hair, they don't come off easily and can withstand rain, gust and perspiration. You can get rid of them only when you shampoo your hair.

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