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People have a lot of reasons for wearing wigs. Some wear wigs for fashion purposes, while others choose to use wigs to hide premature balding. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may opt to wear wigs to hide their bald heads. Others wear wigs just for certain occasions, such as costume parties.People who wear wigs for these reasons do not usually wear wigs permanently. So they opt to buy synthetic wigs rather than natural human hair wigs. Aside from the fact that synthetic wigs are available in most wig stores, these wigs are also more affordable. There are also more hairstyles available for synthetic wigs, as compared to natural human hair wigs.Synthetic wigs, like Motown Tress wigs, are available in different colors. These wigs are available in various lengths and styles, too. Synthetic wigs are made from processed hair, which often makes these wigs easier to wash and maintain.Synthetic wigs, such as Motown Tress wigs, are easy to wear. These do not require extensive maintenance and styling. Although these wigs cannot be heat-styled, synthetic wigs are pre-styled and the style is maintained even after washing.Covering grayI am just now beginning to see my first gray - a tuft at each temple. This confuses me: Both my parents were a full 15 years older than I now am when they started to gray. While there's nothing I can do to stop my premature gray, I can cover it. Apparently, I'm not the only woman who sees hair color as a way to cover silver. According to my hairdresser, half of his clients (both women and men) get their gray covered. This doesn't surprise me - after all, we live in a youth-oriented society, where even the smallest sign of age erodes a woman's sex appeal (or so we've all come to think). For those brave souls who want to keep their gray, a silver-enhancing shampoo can keep hair from looking dull or yellow.Gray strands are incredibly resistant to hair color: Depending on your hair, you may find that certain home hair-color formulas especially the less permanent versions - simply can't cope with your silver strands. If you're having difficulty at home, why not go to a salon Chances are, a color technician can hide every last trace of gray.

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