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Most women consider their hair one of the most important parts of their body. They can go to great lengths to maintain the best-looking hair. However, women lose their hair for various reasons. If you have cancer, for example, your hair may begin to shed when you undergo chemotherapy. Hair loss can be a traumatic experience that no one should experience. You must not despair if you suffer hair loss for any reason. The availability of European hair wigs ensures that you maintain your dignity by having great hair again. The fact that it is not your natural hair is not of much consequence because no one will ever notice. When you are looking for a wig to wear, you should consider various qualities that make some medical wigs superior to others. The best wigs are made of the finest quality synthetic and human hair.Hi, I'm Shann Christen with Salon Republic, and we are going to work a little bit about twisting hair up while wearing extensions. We have a track extension in today that we are going to work with that is fitted right above the ear. When we do a twist or we are putting our hair extension up, that we are going to start off low. Take a brush, and we are going to make sure that we keep the extension concealed. Alright, so right now, we have our extension pretty well concealed. Now I am going to continue to work low, keeping things low. Obviously, if I were to pull this high we are going to expose the extension. So, I am going to keep my low twist and once I get a twist going, now I can kind of lift things up a little bit to apply an attachment here. I'm just going to use this simple clip for now. And we are going to clip that on like that. And now you can continue with a style in any way.

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