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Expensive Remy Hair Lace Front Wigs
When it comes to coloring, this can be done with real wigs. But if it is overdone, they can get damaged. If we talk about durability, they can last longer than artificial ones especially if you take care of them properly. Furthermore, they also do not easily get destroyed when exposed to heat. That's the problem with synthetic wigs because once you put them near heated locations, they would be ruined. Lastly, they are better when it comes to maintenance of style after washing. Real hair wigs need to get styled again after they are washed. Overall, genuine wigs are indeed better than synthetic ones so make a wise choice and pick only the best.Many hairpiece donors arrive from India and China. The hairs that are assembled from these regions are basically termed as Remy, Mongolian, and Yaki types. These hairs are of good quality but in texture it seldom suits on a Caucasian or fair skinned women. Say for instance the Remy hair pieces look amazing on darker skin or olive eyes, but on the other hand it won't suit that much for a person with pale skin and light blue eyes. For blue eyed people the most suitable wig would be of auburn color.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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