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If a product or promotional head cover makes you feel itchy or embarrassed, or costs too much money, then you probably don't want to buy that product anyway. Headcovers Accessories Often loss of the scalp hair results in loss of hair in other parts of the body. For example, diseases like cancer can result in the loss of hair on the eyebrows or eye lashes. Many customized headcovers companies now offer full lines of products that include headcovers, false eyelashes, eyebrows, hats and scarves to protect the scalp and surrounding areas. You don't need to buy all of these items however to protect your scalp. Here are some important considerations when looking for personalized headcovers: * Make sure you by something you are comfortable with and can invest in for a long time. * Be sure the product is lightweight so your scalp can breathe.Problem: Sometimes the hair is over-porous and has a tendency to grab too much color or too much of the permanent wave solution. This makes tinting or permanent wave treatments difficult to control.Cause: Hair may become over-porous from over-bleaching, improper permanent waving, sun-bleaching or improper tinting.Solution: Some of the porosity may be reduced by using Clairol Hair-So-New as a filler. Shampoo the hair and rinse thoroughly. Apply Hair-So-New to the ends of the hair and then to the crown of the head, using just enough to give a smooth, silky feeling. Comb through the hair, distributing the lotion evenly throughout. (If only certain portions of the hair need treatment, apply the Hair-So-New to these portions.) Towel dry. The tinting or permanent wave solution may then be applied to damp hair or the hair may be dried first.6.

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