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Density refers to the thickness of the hair. For most women, a medium to thick density is the best option since their own natural hair is rather thick. The problem with some lace wigs is that they create such a heavy density at the hairline, the wig looks very unnatural. To correct this, a repair person will tweeze out strands to lessen the density around the hairline. If you know a company sells a hair system in a thick density, a light to medium density will be a better choice. Light density is created to mimic the hairline or baby hair.Another is, good hair salons show their clients images of past clients that they have already treated with this technique to show that they're experienced and know what they will be doing with your hair.After the treatment, there are essential things to remember on the first four days. Firstly, you have to wear your hair down to enable the product to penetrate in the hair and to keep the straightness. If in case your hair gets wet in the first four days after treatment, use a hair dryer or a flat iron if necessary. Hair shampoos that are sulphate-free are suggested to keep hair healthy and straight. Aside from the things to do, there are also things that are not to be completed with your hair throughout the first four days. Initially, you are to not wet your hair immediately after the procedure.

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