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In the towns and cities natural female heads of hair are seen only on children. Puberty brings the curse of periodical processing and manipulation. Only a few young women persist with comb and brush, but some of those who do, succeed in sweeping up the front or creating an all-round halo in a way that would flatter any angel. Unfortunately, male pleading to persevere in this enchanting art usually falls on deaf ears and risks provoking tales of such horrors as matting and split ends. The solution is usually found in resorting to plaiting or permanent waving.Increasing scalp circulation allows hair follicles to receive an adequate supply of nutrients contained in the blood required for healthy hair growth. Tonics that contain ingredients like caffeine are designed to increase scalp circulation. They can be applied and massaged into the scalp after a shampoo. For best results, always follow the manufacturer's directions. Some tonics can be used as often as daily while others are designed to be used only once a week. Avoid harsh chemical treatments Hair that is thin is obviously damaged. Using harsh chemicals on your hair to color it, curl or straighten it will only cause more damage to hair that is already weak and thin. These same harsh chemicals are often the cause of thinning hair when they're applied too frequently.

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