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By and large, high quality wigs should give you a natural look as well as feel. The wig should look as if it was literary plucked from another person's head. The feel should be soft and its tones need to concede with that of the natural hair. To the llayman's eyes the wig should be natural and only wig to professionals. In addition, its cost should be affordable. The wig should be considerably cheap. This means that a high quality wig is not necessarily the one that needs people with deep pockets. It is the one that matches its cost to its quality.While you can apply semipermanent and permanent hair extensions at home, it's best to go to a professional because attachment is not easy. Ask around for referrals to find a reputable salon in your area for hair extensions.Hair extension attachment methodsThere are a variety of different ways to attach hair extensions. The following are some of the most popular methods:Weaves - Weaves are tiny sections of your own hair that are braided very close to the scalp. Then human or synthetic hair is sewn into the braided base. This type of hair extension is not recommended for thin hair, because the attachment will be detectable through the hair. Weaves can also be very heavy on your scalp, causing an uncomfortable tightening. Weave extensions generally last two to three months and then need replacing.Bonding - With bonding, hair extensions are attached to a latex plug that is glued to your own hair. This method is much faster than weaving, making it also less expensive. The biggest problem with bonding is the removal. Oil and heat are used to dissolve the glue, which can be very messy, and the removal takes a long time.

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