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Use a mild shampoo, shampoo for oily hair, shampoo for dry scalp, or a baby shampoo. Wash oily hair daily, but concentrate the shampoo on the hair away from the scalp to remove the excess oil from the hair. One teaspoon of apple cider kitchen vinegar added to a pint of water makes an excellent finishing rinse that adds shine and luster to your hair while removing soap residue that can weigh down oily hair.Oily hair can be due to a hormonal imbalance; a diet too hygiene fatty foods; washing too often; or sometimes because the scalp has larger oil glands than normal. Take some dry soap nuts (reetha) and soak them in water overnight. Mash them in the morning and strain the soapy solution. Add a teaspoon of shikakai powder and wash your hair. Use a hot oil treatment directly on the scalp itself, gently massaging the oil into the scalp and then rinsing the oily hair thoroughly afterward.com is the solution in a failing economy: I can attain a truly high-end product at a reasonable price. As it relates to the story, I just told: placing my dollars (unwisely) in a synthetic-blend hair product for around thirty to fifty dollars is a bad decision; like the producer who makes low-budget films, there is no realism (to it) in the way of presentation. If I am willing to "open my purse strings slightly more," I can attain quality human-hair products which can do wonders for me in the way of my social and business life.I am a big fan of humanhairwefts.

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