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Lace wigs are made by hand and tend to look more natural than mechanically made wigs. The material that is used in a lace wig was designed back in the 1970s. It does not have the capacity to stretch, which adds to the overall look of the wig. Ventilating is the method of tying hair strands to the base material. The process started during the reign of King Louis XVI of France and is still used today.Professional hair stylist use a variety of hair styling tools. When it comes to hair scissors, they typically have more than one pair and style available. To gain a better understanding of which hair scissors do which cut, it's necessary to understand each of the individual tools. The primary shears in a hair stylists' collection include the standard hair scissors made for either left or right hand use, a pair of thinning shears or texturizing shears and a razor. In addition, a stylist may have electric clippers to style shorter hair. Each of these tools has a job to do and it's important to use the right piece of equipment for the right job. It takes a lot of schooling and experience to be able to properly apply each technique, and this article is intended simply to help a person understand the differences among the tools. Standard Hair Scissors - Left or Right These are your most basic hair shears and a stylist will use them in nearly every cut. They have two finger rings and an optional finger rest to increase comfort for the hair dresser.

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