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Hair is very important in making people look good. The people who have thinning hair or are suffering from baldness seek ways in which they can grow it back. Hair growth is naturally a slow process but there are products that can be used for making it grow faster than normal. These products come in the form of pills, creams, lotions and gels. They contain all the minerals and vitamins that are known to boost hair growth. They also contain the oils that heal the hair follicles to promote growth. Using the products for a period of time will make it grow thicker than it was before.All of them are crucial and should be done in salon by professional stylists only.Step #1: Apply the relaxerA protective petroleum cream may or may not be applied as protection to the scalp and previously relaxed or damaged hair. A chemical hair relaxing formula is applied to soften, loosen and relax the natural curls.The hair should be completely dry before the relaxing process is started. A stylist applies some relaxer on separate locks and straightens it gently with hands or other flat device. The hair should not be combed as the relaxer influences the natural elasticity of the hair and it can be pulled twice its usual length.Relaxers are usually left on hair for 5-8 min or longer if required. As relaxers influence the core of each hair, the longer you leave the chemical formula on hair the straighter the hair will be. But the risk of damaging your hair will also be higher.Step #2: Rinse and neutralizeAfter the hair has been processed for the appropriate time limits, the chemicals are completely rinsed from the hair with warm water.

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