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Despite revolutionary changes in the wig industry and in the way wigs look and feel, many misconceptions about wigs persist. Here are a few of the most common myths.MYTH #1: Wigs are hot, itchy and uncomfortable.Not true. Innovations in wig design have resulted in wigs that are lighter and more comfortable than ever before - with many of today's wigs weighing 2 oz. or less. Thinner wefts (fabric to which fibers are sewn) and lighter cap construction allows for greater air circulation. New lightweight wig fiber like WhisperLite is softer and finer, resulting in an even lighter look and feel. Other wig features provide additional comfort, like velvet bands for added softness. Many wigs are also available in sizes, which ensures that the wig will remain comfortably and securely in place.MYTH #2: Human hair wigs are better because they're more natural.If you're only going to wear them for a single event, it doesn't matter as much, but if you want to keep them in good condition to use again and again, there are some tips to consider.WashingBe gentle with your hair extensions. Whether yours are made from real hair or synthetic materials, you need to be cautious when applying shampoo. When worn, the locks will have a tendency to soak up some of the natural oils from your head. This is normal, but it does have a somewhat compromising effect on the material. You don't want to start breaking off follicles (or fibers) by being forceful with your washing regimen. Use shampoo as recommended by your seller, in conjunction with cold water. Wait until they are dry before you comb them out.MoisturizerIt's important to keep your hair extensions moist. When they dry out, they can become brittle and break more easily.

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