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Getting hair extensions is a decision that cannot be taken overnight. One needs to understand the depths and details of their preferences before investing. Virgin human hair is pure and without any damage to the cuticles and thus has no split ends. It does not have a dull appearance caused by dryness because the cuticles have not been altered. However, it does not mean that the other types are non-reliable. It is always advisable to take baby steps when experimenting or beginning to use artificial hair, and gradually invest into the more expensive virgin varieties.The conditioner will also lock in the moisture of the hair to keep it soft and also hydrated, and it also closes the cuticles of every strand to help make your own hair shiny.Trim the hairSplit ends or the destroyed part of your hair can't repair themselves. Additionally, they could split further up the strands and aggravate the condition of the hair. Therefore, you have to take them out right away by trimming the hair. Utilize sharp scissors, so you won't cause more injury to your hair that a blunt pair of scissors do. Or better yet, let a professional trim your hair for you.Avoid using heat styling gadgetsHairstyling tools that produce heat could let you adjust your own hair easily to help make it look beautiful; nonetheless, they can also do a lot of damage.

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