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There are some medications that can cause hair loss as a side effect. This side effect has physical and emotional effects on the body. While the damage may be predominantly physical, its effects can go beyond that. People place so much value on physical appearance, especially the hair. It is a reflection of beauty and other aesthetic purposes. Anything that causes hair loss is indeed a concern to many. Hence, people are always keen on discovering why certain medications cause alopecia.These prove to be great gift items also and hence gift packs of hair clips for small kids are also available in the market. Many different choices are available with the women also for hair clips. Thick hair has hair clips with a strong hold. They can penetrate the thick hair to keep it in place. Similarly thin clips have been made for thin hair. Every hair type has different needs and so there are many types of hair clips in the market today. Metal hair clips, plastic hair clips etc. are available in the market to suit different needs. A corporate woman will never wear a colorful and bright hair clip to office. Hence simple black or brown hair clips are available for this purpose. Different kinds and types of hair clips help women to dress in many different ways. Hair clips are one hair accessory which will never be out of fashion and will always be among the hottest favorite of a woman. These will always remain in her bag and will continue to help her in the hair styling.Hair clips help a woman have a hair style of her choice and hence are a woman鈥檚 best friend.

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