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Human Brazilian Hair Extensions
Seasons of Beauty: Your skin tone is the starting point to choosing your hair color. First read the guide below and determine your skin tone by "Season": Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter; then choose your best hair colors.The goal is to find a shade that complements your skin tone and brings out your natural color. A mistake many women make is choosing a color that's too dark, when in doubt, go a shade lighter. Shop our styles by the colors that complement your skin tone.SPRINGWarm golden undertones and usually creamy white or peach. Straw-colored or strawberry red hair, freckles, rosy cheeks, and blue or green eyes.Try: all warm blondes, from bright wheat blonde to intense honey blonde, or light strands in golden blonde shades. Lighten hair rather than toning it down.SUMMERPale and pink undertones. Usually natural blondes or brunettes with pale eyes.Try: cool and subdued hair colors.Hi, my name is Shann Christen, with Salon Republic, and we're going to do a cornrow braid extension. We're going to start by making a parting through the hair, and we're going to follow along the occipital bone. Remember to stay at least two fingers above the ear when doing an extension and you want to stay away from the top crown of the head. I do like the occipital bone. The hair tends to be strong, it's a great place, it always gets hidden and we're going to make a slight, we're going to make a nice clean parting that has a slight angle upward, up over the ear, just like this. I always go ahead and continue my parting all the way to the front that way you get a very good clear idea of where that extension is going to lie.

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