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* Frequent brushing hastens hair regrowth. Frequently brushing the hair can stimulate blood circulation and thus, encourages regrowth. Although it is acknowledged that proper blood circulation is important in the distribution of essential nutrients in the body, there is no scientific study that supports the concept that frequent brushing can indeed increase blood flow in the scalp. In contrary, constantly brushing the hair can stress the hair strands and pull off the hair roots. * Shampooing the hair frequently makes the hair grow faster. Shampooing can help create a healthy environment for the hair; however, it does not influence hair growth in any case. Discordant to such belief is the fact that shampooing more than twice a day can actually dry the hair strands by stripping off the natural moisture of the scalp and hair.Sometimes you can also add oil sheen to restore your Filipino hair or Brazilian hair that has been particularly strained through application of heat, high levels or sweating or excessive styling products. However, oil sheen should be used with consideration, as too much will oversaturate your hair, making it heavy and slightly unmanageable. Instead a light coating should be applied maybe twice weekly, which will add much needed minerals and vitamins to fortify your hair and the moisture needed to properly spread the nutrients.

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