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Synthetic: These are made of hair that is manmade. These are less expensive, but they have their share of disadvantages. Though they are more readily available as compared to natural ones, it is very difficult to get ones that match your tresses perfectly. They also tend to bundle up excessively, specially if shampooed. Hence, these should be clipped while applying shampoo. It is difficult to heat style synthetic ones, as excess heat tends to singe them, hence causing them to fizz. Clipping them out of the way when blow drying is the only remedy. This type is not recommended for those who want to have full head hair extensions. Despite their drawbacks, they are a great choice for experimenting with different hairstyles without spending too much money.Its four-way color protectors will prevent fading. Apply a generous amount of the balm to your wet hair and scalp. Comb it through and then rinse well. If your hair is seriously damaged, follow-up with Aquage Hydrating Mist.Styling productsAquage complements its line of shampoos and conditioners with styling sprays, pastes, waxes, gels and foams to get the perfect finishing touches.Aquage Working Spray is a firm, non-aerosol hairspray. It has a generous dry-down time that gives you time to work with your hair using your fingers or brush. After it is dry, you will notice the great shine it gives your hair. It is effective for thermal styling and won't stick to ceramic flat irons. If you are going for a textured look, spray it in quick bursts from about 8 to 10 inches from your hair. Work through your hair and then spray one more time to set your style. When you are using it as a thermal styler, just spray it on the section you are getting ready to curl. You can also use this spray to create volume by lifting your hair away from your head and spraying underneath.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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