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But, unfortunately the biggest chunk of women's hair loss are the women who have hereditary hair loss and that's what we're going to talk to you about today and give you some ideas and possible cosmetic solutions that maybe you didn't think about, didn't know about and need a little bit more information about. So with no further ado, let me also tell you who we are the experts. There is nothing medically that's going to make this come back. It's just what it is and our hope is that through the series of different Q and As that we're going to be doing with you today in the demonstrations, you'll see how easy and how flexible wearing hair is and if that's not an alternative then perhaps a different style, a haircut or whatever, coloring your hair may also be part of the equation.Clip-ons - or clip ins - are the quickest to apply to your hair, and also the easiest to remove, and therefore this type of hair extension could be your choice if you want your extensions in your hair only for short periods at a time. An appealing aspect of clip ons is that there is much less chance of damage caused to your hair, compaired to other processes involving chemicals of various kinds. If cared for properly, clip on hair extensions can last for a very long time. In fact, it is simply a case of treating these extensions as you would your own hair! Weave hair extensions refer to the method where extensions are actually woven into your hair. This is usually done at a salon and involves using a needle to sew the extensions onto strands of your own hair. The tight weave needed to keep the extensions in place can make this process quite uncomfortable at times.

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