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You must do the do. The signature hairstyle of Princess Leia is the cinnamon bun rolls on the sides of her head. You must have long hair of hair extensions to achieve this look. Part your hair in the middle and tie each side in a ponytail. Next, braid the hair and twist into a knot, until it becomes a cinnamon roll shape. Repeat on the other side. If you don't have enough hair to do this, you can also buy a wig and fashion it into this style. You may also be lucky enough to find Princess Leia style hair. Whether you're going with her regular action fighting costume or wearing the golden bikini look, the hairdo is a must have to be a dead giveaway for the Princess.Joico Spiker takes the time to show us how to style a mans hair so it is spiky and textured. It very easy to get the gist of it even though the video is in a language other than english, . He recommends his hair styling product for this. He uses 3 separate stages of applying the hair gel, all three stages use about a nickel size dollop of gel. For the first stage you apply it over as much of an area as possible, setting a base for the second two stages. Next, you apply the second dollop of gel, using it to form the hair back and starting to refine the style. The last dollop you finish.

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