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Prevention is better than cure.' No matter how clichd this might sound, it is the best approach to most problems. And as Combat Hair Loss suggests, you should try and examine the reasons for your hair loss before resorting to any hair loss treatment.Most hair loss or baldness is hereditary. And if it runs in your family, then there is still a lot you can do for hair loss prevention. It is a common misconception that hereditary hair loss is not preventable it is! By adopting certain simple precautions can prevent hair loss.Don't ignore the age-old advice of parents and grandparents for any hair loss prevention. Take very good care of your hair. Improper care leads to the shedding of your hair. Avoid over colouring, styling or excessive blow drying your hair to prevent hair loss over time. Try not to pull your hair too hard while styling as it might damage the hair follicles this would not normally matter too much but if you are predisposed to hair loss it may become a factor. Though colouring may not result in hair fall in all cases, it can do damage to your healthy hair.Smart Hair Care to Prevent Hair LossChanging some of your styling and grooming routines can go a long way toward improving the look and health of your hair and helping to prevent hair loss. When it comes to caring for thinning hair, as it often turns out, less is more.“Every day my clients come to talk to me about their thinning hair and hair loss issues, and I find that they really have some major misconceptions on how they should be caring for their hair; once they know better, their situation ultimately improves,” says Shelly Beatty, owner and master stylist at Stylemakers Salon in Fort Worth, Texas. How does she know She is a hair loss treatment specialist who has also suffered hair loss and thinning following thyroid surgery. In this article Beatty sets the record straight on many hair care myths.MYTH: You have to use a lot of mousse to make thinning hair look thicker.

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