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Janet Human Virgin For Braiding
Pretend your not bothered - Its a sad fact but unfourtantly there are a few individuals out there that are not very nice people. You know the kind, the work place bully, the idiot relative, or the jelous so called friend that you suddenly realise is not a freind at all. These type of people look for the weaknesses in every person they meet, and once they know it they target that weakness. Now, the trick with handling people like this is to simply pretend your not bothered, when they make a comment about your hair loss, wig or headscarf just look them straight in the eye and tell them it does not upset you in the slightest, its only hair. They wont taget you anymore. You will also meet people throughout your life that are the kindest of people but are just genuinly interested in your hair loss, they may ask youlots of question and they will always say "you dont mind me asking do you?" Use the same tactic on them, this wont stop them asking question but it will build your confidence on how to handle the situation.An important thing to keep in mind with this is to keep your stress to a minimum, as this can perpetuate even more hair loss. This may seem impossible with a busy lifestyle, raging hormones and the fact you are losing your hair. But trying little things like meditation and yoga can really help with this. Even just taking a few minutes out of your day to meditate can make your life seem more manageable. There are even many different free guided meditations you can download to help you with this. They come in many different meditation styles from chakra balancing, healing, breathing techniques and many more. This is even a great idea to do before going to bed. It will put you in a relaxed state that can make falling asleep easier.

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